Okay, now where was I?

Oh yes, so we left off with me explaining how my recent bout of anxiety attacks is none other than my Divinity giving me a "thunk on the head" that I need to do better with my mental / emotional health. I've let my empathy run me over and it's left me floundering in other … Continue reading Okay, now where was I?

11 of 40 – At a Loss

"If thine own eye offends thee, pluck it out."  As spoken by Roddy McDowell in the classic film, The Legend of Hell House. Anyway, the idea behind the quote today is that there are a couple of behaviors I have that block me from my goals, from my desires. I'm sure you have one or … Continue reading 11 of 40 – At a Loss

In Between

Stay where I am (if the owner allows me to go month to month for the rest of the year) even though the neighborhood has gotten a bit rough around the edges - between the domestic violence (rare but LOUD), the unsavory characters wondering through; the increase in police activity, a speeding car whipping past … Continue reading In Between