Returning to the Source.

For awhile there I’d lost the words. Or rather, I’d stepped out of the flow of my life. I was sat on the shore, observing the words (my purpose). Watching as people twisted existence with their power – words have power you know. GREAT POWER.  Seemed that there was no way to combat this rising evil.

So, I took my leave.

The banks, the shore line – it’s pretty. But bland at the same time. There’s no energy for me on the shore save for that which keeps my heart beating. Slow. Steady.  See – no excitement. No…living, just life.

I want to return to living what time I have left in this existence.

So I’ve stepped back into the flow. Into the sea of words and their POWER. I’m about waist deep, rebuilding my trust that I will find the right path through the rhetoric of evil that has polluted this once sacred ocean.

My heart is racing a bit faster. The excitement, the whisper of those other voices. I’m coming home at last.

To that end, I must clean house so to speak.  Release the already visited words back into the wild. Would you care to give them a good home?

Once I am fully back into the flow, these words, as they are housed will no longer be available. There will be new wrappings, new configurations – new ways I’ve told the story. The current words though are good, and worthy of love and I don’t want to leave them languishing.

  • Breaking Point (paperback) = $5
  • Let There Be Life (paperback) = $2
  • Satin Sheet Memoirs, Vol 1 (paperback) =1$

To purchase, click here.  You’ll clearly see the cover displayed and the prices.  Only the three titles listed above are on sale.  Hello Diva is in re-production and will be part of the NEW and IMPROVED Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting opening in July of this year.

E-versions of all titles are available at the locations below until March 31st:

  • Smashwords – multiple platforms, but not so consistent formatting despite all the hard work that went into following the guidelines so the file would be accepted. Sigh.
  • Amazon – Kindle format that looks pretty good :-).

Ahhhh, pulse quickening yet again. Now, to just lie back and let the words carry me all the way home.

I love you.


50% off or free!

Quick note – I’m participating in the Smashwords’ Summer  Sale. Go to Smashwords to get your e-versions of my available titles at 50% off or Free!

cropped-cropped-07291318141.jpgAphrodites Twin Book Cover 2

I’d love to get your feedback on the stories.  I’ve mentioned that the formatting may be a little sketchy on the Kindle, but hopefully, that won’t take away from the story too much.

Anyway, if you grab a copy or two…

copied from


Smashwords versus Amazon

Just a quick aside – I was all set to announce that the e-version of Aphrodite’s Twin was FINALLY ready for sale. It was to be a quiet, low key book release don’t’cha know, but alas, best laid plans and all that as I review (for the first time) what the full book looks like downloaded from Smashwords.

Um. Yeah. After having followed their formatting instructions to the letter, I find I have a download that is a hot mess formatting wise. The bookmarks don’t take you exactly where they should and there are no clear cut page breaks. A hot mess.  On the other hand, all the books I formatted to upload to Amazon look just fine.  Mind you, Amazon is Kindle and Kindle only in terms of their directions for formatting. Smashwords incorporates a step called the “Meta Grinder” which takes your formatted book and does some electronic handwavium to produce a file that’s supposed to work on any digital format. Apparently, that’s any digital format except Kindle. All of my previous books that I have available on Amazon look beautiful on my Kindle. The one book I preview from Samshwords? Not so much.

So, does this mean the others are equally as craptastic when downloaded from Smashwords? If so, that would explain why sales have been, well…craptastic on Smashwords as well. I could just cry.

So, while I had hoped Smashwords would be the way to go, it looks as if Amazon will be the best bet if I want to sell a professional looking digital book. Ho hum.

If anyone has had any experience with Smashwords, would you please put a comment below and tell me how things worked out with your books – either those you sold or purchased? I’m really curious now if maybe I’m just missing a critical step in the formatting process, or if Amazon is just the better platform for ebooks.  Meanwhile, I’ve got to format the book now and upload it to Amazon. sigh…

Did  I mention how I feel about formatting?

But since it’s up there…Aphrodite’s Twin is now available at Smashwords!  :-). As incentive to get folks to download it, I’m going to make it .99 for the rest of February. If you buy it, in return for your feedback on the formatting (and to say thank you), I’ll work a really good deal on the paperback and or the Amazon version (as in huge discount on one, or a free copy of the other).

Aphrodites Twin Book Cover 2

Thanks! And um, Happy Valentine’s Day!

What would compel you to buy my books?

cropped-published.jpegSee, there’s this stack of unsold books sitting next to my desk now. I’ve been less than actively working the marketing to say the least. I hit a wall a year ago and for whatever reasons (I have yet to figure out what happened to my mojo) I stopped promoting my work.

So, here I sit, preparing to do another major purge and I don’t want to box up the books and tuck them in a corner. I’d rather have them in the hands of readers who may enjoy the tales of personal triumph (and sex…I have a book of erotic short stories there on the left) and romance.  The thing is, I have no idea how to promote them. Past experience has shown that book launches are both fun and effective, but alas, they cost way more money than I happen to be privy to at the moment. Outside of that, my marketing attempts have netted zero sales. I’ve done “two-fers”, “bogos”, and assorted other deals.  I’ve given away the e-versions left and right (which didn’t do squat to increase sales afterward, much to my chagrin, lol).  I’m fresh out of ideas, and quite frankly, patience as well.

So I turn to you, the few readers of the blog who haven’t yet purchased copies of any of my books – please tell me, what would prompt you to part with $10.60 at the high-end – $7.41 at the low (price includes tax.  Add $4 for shipping in the US), for a paper back written by as yet unheard of, at least outside of a small circle of friends, family, and past co-workers, independent author?  :-).


What does the word “Aroused” do for you?

It’s one of my Core  Desired Feelings and now, it’s at the core of how and why I write.  Check out today’s blog post for more on this word and read an excerpt from my collection of erotic short stories.  

Warning, the excerpt is rated NC-17 so read at your own risk.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks, as always for stopping by.

It’s Official…From, the Readerotica 4 Anthology, featuring Your’s Truly.

Product Description

Reading erotic fiction on an electronic reader is a delicious experience because no one can see what you are doing. Unlike a regular book, your eReader does not have a cover to reveal its contents. You can privately and discreetly read anything you like. It is a wonderful and somewhat empowering process. The only challenge is to find great erotica.

The Readerotica series was created to provide quality erotic stories easily. Because we are sponsored by we can afford to choose the finest stories from hundreds of submissions. The result is a high quality, well-spoken collection of enticing stories at a very reasonable price. Readerotica is even available for free when we are permitted, because we want to be able to offer free erotic stories.

Readerotica 4 – Exciting Situations includes the following stories:

Chapter 1 – The Couchsurfers – Chris Komodo
Chapter 2 – Forever There, Then Gone – Jstar G
Chapter 3 – How I Like My Coffee – Louise Blaydon
Chapter 4 – B&E; &B – Lynn Lake
Chapter 5 – Full Body – Dana Myles
Chapter 6 – Tying Up Loose Ends – C. Margery Kempe
Chapter 7 – Pottery Yarn – J.A. Reynolds
Chapter 8 – Adjoining Rooms –Dee Turner
Chapter 9 – Renovation – Abby Fowke
Chapter 10 – Attention – Stephanie Smith

We hope you enjoy this collection of ten erotic stories and the ability to read them without judgment. Look for other volumes of Readerotica wherever you find eBooks.