We’ve worked with over 75 people so far in workshops and one-on-ones. We’ve had three who chose us to help turn their publishing dreams into reality. We’d like to introduce to one of them. Ms. W. Owens, the first client we had to follow our program, From Blank Page to Published in Six Months or […] … Continue reading Introducing…

Howlidays: Read a New Book Month

And yet another book baby!! This one, a light hearted book featuring my favorite dog, Choppy. We could all use a laugh, and Choppy’s bringing them in full force in ‘her’ new book, Corny Dog Jokes!

Travels with Choppy

Do you know what book I think would make a great book to read for Read a New Book Month? How about Corny Dog Jokes?

Check it out on Amazon! (It’s free right now with Kindle Unlimited!)

Or on Create Space!

We hope you enjoy the book!


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Book Announcement and Cover Reveal – Down with the Underdogs (Down and Out Books)

Another book ‘baby’ is on the way by the talented writer, Ian Truman. Yay!!

Ian Truman

Fall is a busy literary season so I want to get the news out ahead of the few events I’ll be attending in the coming weeks because I expect to be swamped with work,

I am really happy to present to the world the cover for Down with the Underdogs, a D’Arcy Kennedy mystery.

Ian Truman - Down with the Underdogs web

The follow-up to 2016’s Grand Trunk and Shearer is set to be released Mid 2018 (for now) on indie powerhouse Down and Out books. The novel is currently at the editing stage in the insanely capable hands of underground legends John McFetridge and Peter Rozovsky.

I would like to take a moment to thank Eric Campbell for believing in my work enough to support the expansion of the D’Arcy Kennedy world into an ongoing series I can be proud to write. Thank you.

Until then, you can always get Grand Trunk and Shearer HERE or meet…

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On book serials and writing

What really is the reasoning behind using multiple books to tell a single story? I have read the first books of I don't know how many book serials (and I'm using serial here instead of series, I'll explain in a minute) and quite frankly, I don't see why the author thought it a good idea … Continue reading On book serials and writing

Smashwords versus Amazon

Just a quick aside - I was all set to announce that the e-version of Aphrodite's Twin was FINALLY ready for sale. It was to be a quiet, low key book release don't'cha know, but alas, best laid plans and all that as I review (for the first time) what the full book looks like … Continue reading Smashwords versus Amazon

Embraceable – A Quick Chat with August McLaughlin

Valentine's Day. You're told that much like Christmas, the best way to show your love is to shower your special someone with gifts and attention. That's all well and good, but when was the last time you were told to do that for yourself? Women especially are taught how to show others love, but there's … Continue reading Embraceable – A Quick Chat with August McLaughlin

#WriterWednesday: Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen by Lila Lee Silvern

The theme of this book is hitting a touch close to home as I too ease on toward a rather decent age milestone. I will certainly be looking to read this one soon! Thanks to the #FeedArtNetwork (a.k.a. Dangerous Lee) for the post.   Source: #WriterWednesday: Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen by Lila Lee Silvern

Don’t Sleep on the Indie Authors – An Unscolicited Review of Bronze City by K.S. Bowers

I would imagine quite a few readers out there are skittish when it comes to buying a book by a virtually unknown, self- or indie-published author. I admit, I'm reluctant myself. I am more willing to do it if I've had a chance to interact with or read other work by the author - blogs, … Continue reading Don’t Sleep on the Indie Authors – An Unscolicited Review of Bronze City by K.S. Bowers

Wait – I’ve read how many books in the last few weeks?

Since the beginning of October, I've read four books. Not novellas or short stories, but four, full on novel length works of fiction. To say my eyes are little tired would be an understatement.  All of this reading though has sparked all kinds of things in the writer portion of my brain. Divine Secrets of … Continue reading Wait – I’ve read how many books in the last few weeks?