Will you make this the year you…

finish that manuscript?

The last name and the website address may have changed, but the foundation of how to go about writing your first manuscript has not.

Mark your calendars to join me, Dana Ellington at my 7th Annual Writer’s Workshop held at the Blair-Caldwell African-American Research Library, 2401 Welton Street, Denver, CO.

This year, I’m presenting an updated version of last year’s popular: How to Write and Publish a Novel in 6 Months!

I’ll share the tips, tricks, and tools you’ll need to write, edit, and publish a full length novel by the end of this year. You’ll also hear from a past attendee who successfully followed the program and published her first novel!

This 90-minute session is great for writers 16 years old and up and can be applied to any genre, of writing, fiction or non.

So, if you want to finally get that novel from blank page to published, join me and my guest author, Monday, May 1, 2017 – 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

Nowata Press (that’s me)

Along with the closeout book sale, I’ll be hosting the following:

FREE coaching session on how to write and publish a novel in six months or less. You’ll not only hear from me, but you’ll be able to speak with a client from last year’s workshop who successfully published her first novel!  If you know of any writers who want to start AND finish their first manuscript, be sure to encourage them to attend.  The workshop will be held Monday, May 1st from 6 to 7:30 PM, Blair-Caldwell African-American Research Library. Attendance is free and suitable for writers of any genre, ages 16 and up.  Click here for more info.

Independent Author Book Expo at the Blair-Caldwell African-American Research Library, April 29th, from 2pm to 5pm.  Each author will have half of a 6′ table to display, sell, and sign their books (limited two titles).  Registration is $25 and will go toward providing bags and refreshments for attendees. Authors, If you’re interested, click here to register.

Questions / concerns? Leave a comment below or email me at: nowatapress@gmail.com.




The Christmas Card Campaign: Your Time to Spread Hope to Sevier County Residents

Let’s do this :-).

Bloggin' Billy's

Dear Ones, it is time.

Time to share this blog post.

Time to blow up Social Media.

Time to spread a little love to Sevier County Tennessee residents who lost their homes in the Gatlinburg Chimney fires.

For those who have emailed me, asking how to help. I am inspired. It is time.

Let’s mail Christmas Cards to those who are in need: the displaced, the subleaser, the worker who had their hours cut back, the family with no Christmas tree.

Who is in?

Who wants to be a blessing?

Who wants to spread Peace, Love, Joy, Hope?ccard

You do, of course.

Here’s the deal: When you leave a comment I will respond with an email list of hard-working folk.

Once you obtain the names, please take it to prayer. Ask God to guide you. Should you send a Christmas Card? Money? A gift card?

As we say in the South…

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This Morning’s Prayer

So the hate train has pulled into the station and its occupants are poised to be in power for a minute. Those of us being hated feel some modicum of fear. I get that. I also get that in order to become really good at something, “you have to get terrible out of the way.” In other words, you have to do something badly often enough that you get to a point where you’re not so bad. “Practice makes perfect” provided you’re paying attention and learning from your mistakes. Eventually, you’re going to get good.

Our country (well, let’s be honest, humanity as a whole), isn’t so good at inclusion, acceptance, managing fear, or governing its self. Each go round, as in each generation, we have our moments of suckage. Of truly terrible. But with each generation, we managed to learn a little something and suck a little less. The changes in the right direction aren’t obvious or very noticeable in the moment, but hindsight (history) shows the baby steps.

In light of that point of view, I’m choosing to believe this latest happening is the catalyst for the next forward step toward sucking just a little less. Another baby-step forward if you will that we’ll learn from and do better at next time.

I pray the suck doesn’t come with a massive loss of life but let’s face it, human nature.  There will be bloodshed.

I continue to BE the peace, tolerance, acceptance, love, courage, and faith I want to see in the world. Amen.


(from top to bottom, left to right:  Ghandi, Maya Angelou, Mother Teresa, Li Yinhe, Malcom X, Malala Yousafzai, MLK Jr., Gloria Steinem)



And then there was this…

Just how will his new gig effect the reported 3500 law suits currently pending?

And just in case the way your cousin’s brother-in-law explained it didn’t make sense,  here’s the electoral college described in simpler terms.

Oh, and there’s also a lot of talk going around about some potential felony charges from not so long ago that may come to bear between now and the inauguration…

But hey, once you’re elected, you can just wipe the slate clean, right?  Perhaps, but that sets the stage for an impeachment, eh?

All of this stems from a conversation I had with my sister last night as she was unknowingly talking me out of fleeing the country.

Despite that punched in the gut feeling from yesterday; the fear that so many of the (still not applied equitably) rights I enjoy in this country may be wiped away in the next four years, I am somehow finding a glimmer of hope that some major, positive change, may still be on the horizon and that Karma will do what it always does to set things back to zero. Perhaps not on my desired schedule, and not without some pain on mine or the world’s part, but set things straight It will.

I have my life to date to solidify my belief, shore up my faith. I will do what I’ve always done and that’s rise up, face what I gotta face, take what I gotta take, and survive until I’m dead. I know I’ll find some joy along the way.

thlgw1axtnI love you,


Speaking of BuJo-ing with ADOSS

I knew there was something special about my attraction to the BuJo system.

For those of you who hadn’t seen my previous posts in this short series…

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In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m currently parked at Procrastination Station.  Guess who hasn’t written anything for her NaNo ’16 project yet? lol…

Have a good evening, luvs!


BuJo-ing w *ADOSS – Part 5

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Another spot where my ADOSS has edged me closer to madness. I wrote in my first BuJo with my favorite blue ink pen. Nothing fancy, it’s a Paper Mate. Not sure of the model or tip size.  I like it because using it leaves indentations on the page that feel good to me. Go figure. I still like it, but after my umpteenth Plan With Me video, I wanted COLOR.  I dug through my junk and came up with a set of glittery gel pens I’d had for awhile.


But then I found myself wandering the aisles at Office Depot and what do you know? I snapped up a set of colorful ink pens.  Staedtler ball point pens to be exact.


Did you ever notice those inexpensive Sharpies they keep up front by the check-out stands?


The ADOSS is real people.

 OMG! Metalic ink?  Perfect for writing on the dark notebook covers, eh?


I’m sorry, did you say you use a “micro tip”.  MUST HAVE!


Don’t forget the washi tape. Oh, and the protractor. And the ruler / hole punch. And the double sided tape. And the slips of paper I’ve printed headers, calendars, quotes, or titles on and then cut out in preparation for upcoming spreads. Ohhh, and the Post-It flags I use to mark the pages I want to be able to go back to quickly. Uh, and the large baggie in which I carry it all.

I’m still trying to figure out how I went from one set of old gel pens to a pen case full of pens, a highlighter, and a correction pen (easier for me to use than the brush or tape styles) and a full, gallon sized Zip-loc baggie in a little over a week’s time.


When will the madness stop?

The exciting conclusion is up next in Part 6

BuJo-ing with ADOSS, Part 3

You can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here.

As I’d mentioned, in June I joined the Nerd Fitness Academy. I liked the idea of having a definitive fitness program to follow as my half-assed attempts over the last few years hadn’t netted any lasting or noticeable results in my physical appearance.  Anyway, of course I wanted to incorporate my fitness regimen into my BuJo. So I designed a little tracker to paste onto the bottom of my dailies in July. But of course, by the time I got close to using my July spreads, I’d already changed my mind as to how I wanted things to look and what all I wanted to track. Just so happens that my birthday is in June. And I just happened to have a little birthday cash come my way and since I was buying my daughter a notebook (in hopes of getting her interested in my obsession, I mean, in using a BuJo to keep herself organized), I went ahead and picked up another one for myself.  An imitation Moleskine, I figured I’d use it for all of my fitness related stuff. No sooner than I had the plastic wrap off was I penning in my sections, my trackers, my page numbers and such for July and August.


It’s August and my ADOSS has kicked in. I don’t want two different journals anymore, I want a beautiful all in one spread that incorporates all my trackers.

So what do I do? I ask my honey for another Molskine journal. He had a few lying around he wasn’t using so…yeah. Don’t ask me how my brain went from “I want a single book that, blah, blah, blah” to “I need another notebook.”  I’m still not sure. However it worked out, I now have THREE notebooks. One is my current journal – it goes with me everywhere. One that is my “fitness” BuJo that I don’t want to use anymore so I’ve covered up most of what I’d already put in it and just use it now because, well, I don’t know why. ADOSS don’t’cha know. And one that is my, “I’m going to use this one as soon as I run out of room in my current notebook”.

current library.jpg

Speaking of my current notebook, I don’t know if you picked up on how different it looks from when it was first introduced. ADOSS strikes again…

…an excuse to go to the office supply / art / hobby store? Yes, please.

Part 4 up next.

BuJo-ing with ADOSS, Part 2

See part one here.

And then there was YouTube. Ellie had made mention in another post of the BuJo, that there was a Facebook community dedicated to the BuJo and other style planners as well as videos on YouTube.  Why, oh why did she point the way to that particular rabbit hole? The shiny was blinding!  I still can’t go more than a few hours without checking out one or four videos.

The video posted at the end of Part 1 was just the tip of the iceberg.  There are thousands. And I watched only a few before my ADOSS kicked in.

I switched to a Moleskine journal (see that post here – note how simple those first embellishments looked).   Most of the journals on YouTube are these pristine, neatly laid out, carefully designed artistic wonders. But because I have ADOSS, one too many ideas catch my attention and I want to try them ALL. Toss in my outside the lines, bass-ackwards approach to life and what you end up with is this…


A hodge-podge of my spin on BuJo techniques, layouts, and methodology. While my monthly calendars – that I produce in Publisher – are the same for June, July, August, and September, my weekly and daily layouts change considerably from month to month.

As I mention in my Moleskine BuJo intro post, I’d just joined the Nerd Fitness Academy so I was all about being able to incorporate my new fitness habits into my BuJo so I made a tracker to use for the month of July. Mind you, it was early June. I’m sure that at this point it’s no surprise that I changed my mind about using it just a day or so before July was about to start.

You can guess where this is going right?  I’ll give you a hint…

…Part three coming soon