4 of 40 – An April 2017 Camp NaNo Excerpt

I love this scene…

Even from that far away, the presence called to him; he knew the girl was in trouble and the decision to induct her was made.  It was now the only way he could save her life.

He entered the apartment.  The stench of blood never failed to raise the coppery taste of bile to the back of his throat.  Her mother lay curled in a crumpled heap in the bedroom just off the front door.  He wasn’t sure anyone would be able to identify what was left as human.   A few short steps further in and he saw the girl lying face down on the small couch.  Her clothes had been torn but not removed.  He breathed a small whisper of relief.  He had gotten there before the demon could defile her any further.

Said demon, a lesser demon but strong none-the-less was ridding the body and mind of the mother’s sometime boyfriend.  He hunched over her body, his back to Warner.  The high insectile buzzing of its thoughts gave Warner an instant headache–which of course, pissed him off to no end.

“Hey, stupid. “

“Meat.”  Oh yeah, this one was definitely not the brightest bulb in the lamp.

“Um, no, stupid.  That’s my new apprentice.”   Warner hoped the small talk would keep the demon from guiding the knife in Chad’s hand any deeper into the girl’s back. There were already three deep gashes running with blood.  It looked like the demon wanted to add at least one more.  Warner was slowly pulling his gun from its holster and easing around to get a good shot.

“No apprentice.  Meat.”

“No, not meat.  My protégé.”

The demon stopped moving.  It finally realized that it was in the presence of a hunter.

“You…kill me?”  He held the knife over the girl’s left shoulder blade.  The threat to end the girl’s life was obvious, but Warner wasn’t worried.  He had his shot. It helped that the stupid demon had picked Chad who was hopefully so doped up on heroine he wouldn’t even realize he had been possessed.  Chad’s body was horribly messed up from the drugs, even sober, Chad didn’t have the reflexes to dodge Warner’s bullet and no matter the supernatural strength of the being currently inhabiting his body, it was going to be near impossible to get that drugged up husk to move any faster than the bullet Warner was prepared to put through its ribs.  A killing blow to the demon’s life center, a serious bullet wound to the human host.  Depending on how fast the ambulance got there, Chad would live to do time for the murder of the girl’s mother.  Sad, but at this point, Warner didn’t have any sympathy.  He had heard the awful things Chad had said and seen the aftermath of the beatings he had delivered.  Warner wasn’t surprised that the demon had chosen Chad to do its dirty work.

“Yes, stupid.” He said as he fired, “I’m going to kill you.”  The bullet struck before the last word was from his lips.  The demon wailed as it died, its essence flowing from the wound in a sickly yellow fog that stank of sulfur.  Chad’s eyes cleared just a bit, the haze of his high creating a fuzzy film across his pupils.

“What the fuck man?  What the fuck?!”  Chad began to chant that phrase as he slumped to the floor.

“Chad, you’ve just been shot.  The police and an ambulance should be here in, oh, twenty minutes or so.  But don’t worry.  You won’t die.  Not yet anyway.  I predict though that detox and jail might be what finally does your sorry ass in.”

None of Warner’s words reached Chad’s brain.  He just kept uttering, “What the fuck?”

Warner thought briefly that the demon’s presence had sparked a ricochet.  It happens sometimes when the human possessed is of especially weak mind.  A demon’s sudden departure sets off ripples in the human’s brain.  Most ricochets lead their victims to madness and suicide.  Warner wished both on Chad as he stepped over him to pick the girl up from the couch.  He took off his jacket and laid it over her back before turning her over and lifting her into his arms.

She moaned from the pain but didn’t regain consciousness.  Warner offered a brief prayer then wove the spell that would take them to the Order’s infirmary inside The Academy.

In spite of WordPress’ changes being a nuisance, I’m sticking to my 40 day post commitment. Hope you enjoy :-).

Happy writing and as always,




Camp NaNoWriMo – I have a Nowata Press cabin set up for anyone who’d like to join.  Look for me or the cabin and send a note.  I’m Satin Sheet Diva in my NaNo world as well.

Listening to the audio of the most recent Desire Map workbook by Danielle LaPorte and what do you know, she quoted a comment I’d submitted from the first time I Desire Mapped.  I almost drove off the road. To hear my name spoken, my comments repeated by someone I’m fangirling over was just, WOW.  I’m all tingly.  If you haven’t checked her out, she’s fast becoming the only person I’m going to listen for when it comes to spiritual growth.

What I’m telling you next is purely because I want outside validation – won’t matter if no one chimes in because I’m going to do what I want to do with or without the outside deal, but I’m learning to tell my truth out loud and the truth is, I still crave outside validation. Go figure. An introvert who craves group buy in. (shakes head).  Whatever.  I’m going to release this idea of what I “should” be doing with my money and instead, do with it what’s going to make me FEEL relief, less stress, and way less guilt. I’m going to dump everything toward my debt for the month of April.  No shoes, no $40 – $50 happy hour tabs, or dinners out when there’s plenty of food in the frig. I HATE owing money. HATE it. I was debt free except my student loans about two years ago, but I put myself right back in just over my head when I decided I wanted a wedding versus a small dinner party after a quick ceremony at the courthouse. Sigh. But what’s done is done and I’m done kicking myself over the juggling act that ensued as I incurred more debt when I moved, more debt when my husband moved, more debt when my daughter needed help with tuition, more debt when I got the notice that I still owed taxes from years ago, more debt when I got the notice that no, I hadn’t paid that parking ticket.  SIGH!!!

I HATE THE WAY DEBT MAKES ME FEEL.  So, I’m DOING something about it. ‘Nuff said.

Good grief – WordPress has flipped the script yet again.  What really is so wrong with leaving my buttons and such WHERE THEY WERE?!! What’s with this constant updating of everything? It doesn’t make it better just different and sometimes, different is not needed. I promise. Ugh.

So, what’s good in your life right now? Maybe if you focused on that, more of it would show up. Just a thought.

Love you!



Will you make this the year you…

finish that manuscript?

The last name and the website address may have changed, but the foundation of how to go about writing your first manuscript has not.

Mark your calendars to join me, Dana Ellington at my 7th Annual Writer’s Workshop held at the Blair-Caldwell African-American Research Library, 2401 Welton Street, Denver, CO.

This year, I’m presenting an updated version of last year’s popular: How to Write and Publish a Novel in 6 Months!

I’ll share the tips, tricks, and tools you’ll need to write, edit, and publish a full length novel by the end of this year. You’ll also hear from a past attendee who successfully followed the program and published her first novel!

This 90-minute session is great for writers 16 years old and up and can be applied to any genre, of writing, fiction or non.

So, if you want to finally get that novel from blank page to published, join me and my guest author, Monday, May 1, 2017 – 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

Nowata Press (that’s me)

Along with the closeout book sale, I’ll be hosting the following:

FREE coaching session on how to write and publish a novel in six months or less. You’ll not only hear from me, but you’ll be able to speak with a client from last year’s workshop who successfully published her first novel!  If you know of any writers who want to start AND finish their first manuscript, be sure to encourage them to attend.  The workshop will be held Monday, May 1st from 6 to 7:30 PM, Blair-Caldwell African-American Research Library. Attendance is free and suitable for writers of any genre, ages 16 and up.  Click here for more info.

Independent Author Book Expo at the Blair-Caldwell African-American Research Library, April 29th, from 2pm to 5pm.  Each author will have half of a 6′ table to display, sell, and sign their books (limited two titles).  Registration is $25 and will go toward providing bags and refreshments for attendees. Authors, If you’re interested, click here to register.

Questions / concerns? Leave a comment below or email me at: nowatapress@gmail.com.




Obligatory Pre-NaNo Post

I’m a pantser so there won’t be any tips or tricks in this post on how to prepare for next month’s writing festival. There also won’t be any rants about how harried I feel with the start time looming on the horizon and how I have no idea what I’m going to write.

You see, come November 1st, I will sit down at my designated writing time and do just that, write. My Muse and my Divinity will step up, I will say a short prayer of sorts which will open our line of communication.  They will speak, I will type.  Will they have me go full on rebel and work on cleaning up my existing drafts (all three of them could benefit from the editing and or addition of 50K words) or will they have me dive into Code Name: Onyx Butterfly – my original NaNo 2016 idea?  Who knows.

I can tell you this, though, I’ve worked through my three life situations. The 3rd comes to an end and a beginning tomorrow and Monday. By November 1st, I will have a strong idea of what the remaining months of 2016 will look like financially; I’ll have established some sort of plan for my new family situation that will carry us through to the end of the year.  With all of that comes room in my head for my heart, if that makes any sense. During all the mayhem, my feelings got set aside. It was out of necessity so I could function, I get that now. But I’m ready for my feelings to be back in the driver’s seat. I miss doing things for myself that generate my desired feelings.

So, I’m ready to tune back into the written word; ready to get back to my real life. Ready to earn my fourth November NaNo badge.


Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope you are finding your way.

Love you!


On My Mark, Getting Set…

Alright you guys, challenge starts tomorrow. And I can honestly say, I’m already freaking out a bit. You know why? I’m making changes in my lifestyle; attempting to establish new habits. Always a daunting task.

I finally got my Fit Bit Aria scale linked to wi-fi and all. Stepped on it and uh, ouch, lol. It has me at 205.8 pounds / 42.5 % body fat !!  42.5 percent?! Extreme frowny face. My Weight Watchers scale had me coming in at 207.9 lbs / 38.3 percent. Not sure which one to take as THE official starting point, but I’m not all that particular as long as no matter which one I use that body fat number starts to shrink. My cholesterol levels could stand to come down as well, so I’ll be excited to see what they turn out to be at my next physical.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I’m doing this challenge as a newbie in the Nerd Fitness Rebellion. In the forums there they have a spot for folks to keep “battle logs” – daily journals, records of their progress or whatever as they go through the challenge. I’ve got this tracking sheet that I’m going to use. Figure I’ll take a snap shot of it at the end of each day and post my log the next morning.


By the way, that tracking sheet is sitting snugly in my Bullet Journal. A shout out to Ellie over at Quotidiandose *hi Ellie*. She introduced me to the bullet journal. At first I was hesitant to try it, but I did and here we are, my newest BuJo.


Nothing fancy. I did add the strip of sparkly tape but just the one. I’m going to go back and put a picture of my logo on the front, maybe a motivational pic or two on the inside front cover but beyond that, there isn’t much in the way of decoration going on. No need for it in my opinion. Not knocking those BuJo users who have turned their plain journals into mini works of art, it’s just that I’m more interested in the scheduling than I am in the pretty making (translation, I don’t have a crafting bone in my body, lol, so I have to keep it simple).


I’ve wanted some kind of journal, tracker, day planner that was easy to use and that I’d stick with. This is my second iteration of the BuJo. The first was a cute, spiral bound notebook with a sparkly, purple cover. Turns out it was too small so going up to the Moleskine 5×8 (the honey just happened to have a couple on a shelf he wasn’t going to use) is working out quite well.

So, there you have it. I can’t think of much else I can do to set myself up to rock this challenge. I’ll keep you all posted as I go along. Here’s to FINALLY getting ‘er done.




copied from ldsblogs.com


Camp Journal – Day 27: The Summit of Mount Rough Draft

copied from blog.onefortheroadphoto.com

The view from the summit of Mount Rough Draft doesn’t look anything like that picture there, but I thought this came close to capturing the feeling of having made it to the top (word count 50,680; I’ve got a few more thousand to write to finish the story though).

I’m going to sit here for a few days, then press on to get to the tip of the mountain and plant my “The End” flag. After all, I’ve got two days before the bus leaves for home….Word count chart


Potential Title


Working hard to hit the finish line and claim my badge today. Don’t see any reason to drag it out until the end of the week. Besides, I have a few hours of “don’t have to do anything” today so might as well knock this out and have the rest of the week to veg.

Anyway, typed a line in the draft and unleashed a potential new title.

Current Title: The Other Woman

Potential New Title: Happily Ever After (Not)

Cover art
don’t remember where I copied this from

Second Potential New Title (just hit me while I was typing the last one): Becoming Mrs. Right

Synopsis (I’m so bad at these) – There’s a woman who knowingly enters into an affair with a married dude because, self-delusion. Then in an attempt to recover from that, she jumps into another relationship because, desperation (ingrained societal pressure that she ‘should’ be married by now). There’s some more drama in there of course, then “The End.”

Just not sure which title sums it all up the best AND serves as “buy bait” for potential readers.

ACK! Anything to distract me from the writing, huh?


So, I’m typing away at my Camp NaNo project right? Just going along as I usually do, mostly with my eyes closed listening (transcribing) as my characters deal with whatever situation they have me writing about at the time and then this happens,

“And could it be you’ve felt guilty about leaving me all those years ago and this affair is your way of trying to make up for that too?” No sooner than she said it than she felt the truth of it resonate within her. “That’s what this has been about the entire time. You knew I loved you back then, you knew, but,” and this was the hard part, but it had to be said, “you didn’t feel the same way. That’s why it was so easy for you to leave and not talk to me, not try to keep in touch.” Tonya felt weak, as if her body had suddenly gained a hundred pounds. Her legs weren’t up to the sudden increase in weight, she plopped into the chair, lucky it had been so close behind her. Keith didn’t say a word.


I’m as shocked as Tonya.  All this time I’ve been writing up to this point and I didn’t see that coming. I just knew Keith was going to get his crap together to bring the happy ending but uh, apparently I was mistaken.

Man I love writing :-).  Okay, have to get back to the manuscript. Can’t wait to see what happens next. lol.