Little Brown Skin Girls – the Artist behind the Art

I'd like to introduce you to Lia Nelson - James, owner and CREATOR of Little Brown Skin Girl Scrap Paper Art. I wanted her to tell her story about how Little Brown Skin Girl came about and why she's looking forward to being able to take the business to its next level.   I was [...]

Embraceable – A Quick Chat with August McLaughlin

Valentine's Day. You're told that much like Christmas, the best way to show your love is to shower your special someone with gifts and attention. That's all well and good, but when was the last time you were told to do that for yourself? Women especially are taught how to show others love, but there's [...]

Is it really “hard” or is it that I just don’t want to do it?

(Mod One, day six) Today's contemplation - what do I really mean by "this is hard?"  As in difficult to accomplish.  Is it that the task I'm talking about is really difficult for me to do or is it more that I don't want to do it?  Claiming that something is intrinsically problematic or strenuous highlights [...]

I’ve decided to turn the blog over to the personalities for a bit. Ana in particular needs an outlet for all of her pent-up energy and if I don’t give her something to do, I’m afraid she’s going to turn to less positive pursuits.  With that, make note: This blog will be rated NR-17 until [...]

April Fools Day

No jokes, no pranks, but I am going to do something I have here-to-fore thought a very foolish thing for me to do.  You know I've been on this "kick" here recently; in fact, you can say my blogging has been hijacked by my divinity and she has prompted me to post about things I [...]