Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

Obstacles, barriers, and blocks - Oh my.  What's standing in the way of your self-publishing dreams? Simply Self-Published, How to Write and Publish a Novel in Six Months removes these three obstacles (and more). Obstacle #1 - "I have no idea what I'd write." With Simply Self-Published, you'll have your concept,  main characters' descriptions, a … Continue reading Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

Going Online in T Minus 11 Posts

Do me a favor, answer these questions: have you ever thought about writing and self-publishing a book?  What's stopped you from doing it? Please type your answers in the comments below. I'm launching my online course, Simply Self-Published - How to Write and Publish Your First Novel in Six Months. This course is for you if … Continue reading Going Online in T Minus 11 Posts

The Lies We Tell…

"I would do ____________________________ if I could but I can't because ____________________." Everything that comes after "because" in that sentence is a limiting belief. Of course, I'm over simplifying things a bit, which is unusual for me because Heaven knows I can over think and complicate things with the best of them.  I'm practicing though … Continue reading The Lies We Tell…

Dangerous Lee Joins The AliveShoes Brand To Design Bold Women’s Footwear — BLACK GIRLS ALLOWED

AliveShoes By Dangerous Lee I LOVE shoes and I consider myself a shoe whore, respectfully! Making a statement with footwear is my thang. My too tiny closet is filled with beautiful, funky shoes of all kinds, some I haven’t even worn yet. And, anyone who knows me knows I always show up in a pair… via … Continue reading Dangerous Lee Joins The AliveShoes Brand To Design Bold Women’s Footwear — BLACK GIRLS ALLOWED

2019 – The Year of My Desire, The Intro Video

I did it! I officially launched my YouTube channel with this short, Desire Map Planner unboxing video. Please be sure to view, "like" and subscribe.  I've got so much more content planned and I promise, the quality will improve as we go along. Thank you!

2019 – The Year of My Desires

Sounds a touch erotic when you say it like that, eh? Or at least I hope it does. I hope hearing the word 'desire' arouses something in you. A longing for sensual adventures that indulge every physical and metaphysical sense you have. For me, desire is the acute, sharp, longing for satisfaction, Divine Connection, and … Continue reading 2019 – The Year of My Desires

Ah, now I remember…

Not sure how long ago it was. If I really wanted to be precise with the memory, I'd scroll back through my blog posts and find it as I chronicled a lot of my life's ups and downs here on WordPress for quite a few years, but alas, scrolling through said chronicles is a long … Continue reading Ah, now I remember…