Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

Obstacles, barriers, and blocks – Oh my.  What’s standing in the way of your self-publishing dreams?

Simply Self-Published, How to Write and Publish a Novel in Six Months removes these three obstacles (and more).

Obstacle #1 – “I have no idea what I’d write.”

With Simply Self-Published, you’ll have your concept,  main characters’ descriptions, a complete plot outline, and a full month’s writing schedule, complete with a word count tracker to keep you on target.

Obstacle #2 – “My writing sucks – no one’s going to want to read this.”

Simply Self-Published gets you over this hurdle by teaching you to identify your ideal reader and how to edit (e.g., no plot holes, glaring typos, or other common mistakes associated with self-published work) to ensure your novel stands up to any traditionally published work in your genre.

Obstacle #3 – “Yay Me! I wrote my book. Now what?”

Simply Self-Published includes a step-by-step guide to the self-publishing process,  formatting your novel for print or ebook, and how to purchase and register your ISBN*.  There’s a bonus download – Marketing 101, your self-published author’s guide to marketing.

You already know writing can be hard, time consuming work. Anyone who promises you a best selling novel in 30 days, probably doesn’t write with the emotion and commitment you want in your work. “Just add water” is fine for dried mashed potatoes, it’s not how you want to write your first book.

Simply Self-Published is intentionally designed as a six month course so you have time to practice what you’re learning as you move forward. If ideas are exploding in your head and your fingers are flying over the keyboard, you might finish in three months, but if you’re like most first time novelists, you’ll appreciate the time Simply Self-Published gives you to strengthen your writing skills.

And now it’s your turn to share with me: what are your obstacles? Use the comments below to tell me what your specific hurdles have been to getting your manuscript finished before you register on February 17th. Your question may be featured in the upcoming live Q&A 🙂 – Click HERE to get in on the call.

The next email includes a full course outline and registration link, be sure to open it for your early bird discount code.

Sending love and light,




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