Shifting Baseline Syndrome

Keeping me on my toes for sure. Another good post from Ends and Beginnings.

Ends and Beginnings

Flexible Flyers_in_Snow

I grew up in a large city in the Southeast. When I was a kid of eight or nine I remember getting several big snows each year, the kind that cancelled school for two or three days. Now why I remember this is because I lived next door to “the hill”.

For any of you unfamiliar with the term “the hill” this is spot where kids within a three-mile radius would come and sled. In an other otherwise flat world “the hill” was our Mount Everest.

I had a hand-me-down Flexible Flyer from my older cousins who lived down the street from us. For whatever reason when they hit fourteen they became to cool to sled but I wasn’t. For the next three or four years I wore that sled out, literally. It’s final voyage was right before Christmas when I was eleven. Screaming down “the hill” I had to make…

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