History = White Male Entitlement

Keep this in mind as you go through out your day. Who controls the information you see and what lies (as in the opposite of truth) beneath or between?

A thought provoking post provided by TOPoet :-). Check him out.


10-green-01History is too often seen through the eyes of the historian – or as I now think of it – The History of White Entitlement. The facts shift as lookers change. I’ve been watching documentaries about ancient cultures, not so ancient cultures, even my own culture. I watch documentaries about the art of China, Lost Kingdoms of Africa, Women in Art. This month is Black History, as if that is separate from human history.

10-green-02I’ve realized that much of what is purported to be history is merely an accounting of white cis-male Christian heterosexual accomplishments. I asked a friend of mine recently if he could name one female classical composer or one female Impressionist painter or one black classical composer – it’s not as if those people didn’t exist. I know of some of those but I’m not going to do your research for you. Share your answers in the comments…

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