Ruminations on a vile election

Because I’m still not sure how to put what I’m feeling into words, I’d like to share some posts that are insightful and well written, thanks to Kate at View and Mews by Coffee Kat.

Views and Mews by Coffee Kat

This election has been painful. It’s taken a while to process. This is not a political blog and I’ve avoided the topic but this is part of my therapy. Normal writing will resume shortly.

It’s not about Republicans or Democrats. I have liberal leanings but have survived and admired some conservative presidents. I vote for the best candidate regardless of the party. Why exactly was I so troubled?

There were a lot of ironies and contradictions. Most notable is that the person with the most votes did not win…again. Another was that the person who laughed while another said bad things about women got fired but the person who actually said them was elected. Does that mean that our entertainment industry has higher standards than our government? I could go on but that’s not the point of this post.

I’ve lived long enough to remember (and had participated) in the…

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One thought on “Ruminations on a vile election

  1. I wish I could agree on the last: it’s time to heal.

    But I don’t agree.

    It’s not time to heal; it’s time to fight.

    If we allow this to continue, then I can only say that the damage done in the wake of this process will be too ghastly for me to put into words. There’s already a country that had one opportunity for democracy and lost it to a plutocrat; however we got here, we absolutely MUST ensure that Trump – and everyone he picks for his cabinet – is brought to heel early and firmly.

    It’s time to fight the apathy that brought us to this point to begin with. Half the country didn’t vote.

    We cannot heal when Trump is appointing Stephen Bannon to the cabinet. Bannon is someone who does not belong in any position of power; he is a reported and self-professed neo-Nazi who stirred the pot based on the percentage of Jews in his kids’ schools. No, I don’t joke. This has been documented.

    Expecting us to heal with this on the table is, to me, tantamount to submission.

    It’s time to fight.

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