I’ll just leave this here…

Um, Channing Tatum like you’ve NEVER seen him before.

This is dedicated to Bill over at the Evil Squirrel’s Nest whose comment on my post One Down, Seven More to Go made me giggle.

I came across this video and thought that if the first video in my post made it difficult for him to sleep, this one might just keep him awake for real.

Bill, this is all in good fun. DO NOT think I am in any way, shape, or form issuing a challenge of any kind. I know I’m squeamish and after becoming an avid reader of your blog, I am quite confident that you have the ability to post something that will haunt my dreams for the rest of my life. LOL.

But still, I give you… (you can watch the whole thing or just skip to the 1.39 mark or so when Channing’s segment starts)


(and people wonder why I don’t watch TV anymore…)

Have a great rest of the day,



7 thoughts on “I’ll just leave this here…

    1. LOL – I watched with some trepidation myself, but it fortunately wasn’t as bad as it could have been ;-). Besides, there isn’t much Channing can do to his appearance that would make me NOT want to at least take a quick glance.

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