Premature E-Launch-ulation

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I’ve got it bad. My penchant for jumping first and looking…eventually, tends to put me in situations where I’ve over promised and then fail to deliver. It’s not as embarrassing as it should be, I mean, if it were, I’d quit doing it. But then again, I’m grateful that I have yet to get into a situation where it cost me my dignity. Oh but wait, it has cost me in terms of being considered dependable. Miss too many ‘money shots’ and well…

All of that to write this. I had dinner with some friends last night. I’m lucky that my social circle includes people who are better at handling reality than I am. Picture if you will a person neatly attired, looking like a stereotypical, ‘white-collar’ (hate that phrase but it’s the only one that will give you the proper visual) professional adult…holding a bouquet of wildly colorful, helium filled balloons.  I’m the balloons, the professional adult type is my circle of friends.

One of my friends last night pointed out in a very caring way, that I had jumped the gun on my life coaching business announcement.  As soon as she said it, I knew she was right and a weight lifted from my shoulders. So, while I’m still pursuing the Design It Yourself arm of the Nowata Press Publishing and Consulting empire (under construction), I’m going to work with her and another friend to bring my timeline back down out of the clouds. My vision remains in tact, they’re going to help me stick to a schedule of reality based steps needed to bring it to successful fruition.

So, if you don’t mind, just uh…act as if I never mentioned it, and we’ll pretend it never happened. ;-).

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Thanks.  Love you!

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