Too Many Drafts Spoil the Print

As in, I submitted the wrong version of my client’s files to the printer. Of course, she’s already paid for them so the price for the reprint comes out of my operating budget. Serves as a lesson to me to put away a contingency fund for just such mistakes. Also teaches me that I need a much better filling system for drafts and such.  Sigh. Damn these lesson’s learned the hard way, eh?

Reminds me of the first book I ever published. I didn’t read the proof. I was just so excited to see a book in print that I had written, I didn’t stop to think there may have been any errors. This was while I was busy trying to do it all myself. No beta readers, no editor, no nothing. No one looked at the finished draft but me! So imagine my horror when I finally did crack open the proof only to discover I’d sold 50 copies of a book that was not only littered with typos, but had more than its fair share of grammatical and formatting errors as well. I was so embarrassed. But again, lesson’s learned.

Speaking of books, thinking it’s time to bring the cost of my e-books down to $0.99 and $1.99. It occurred to me earlier today that for the rest of this year, it would behoove me to build readership outside the friends and family who typically buy my work. Hoping that the lower prices on the e-books will help take some of the fear out of purchasing for new readers. I mean, who wants to take a risk on an author they’ve never heard of for almost three bucks a pop? Even I have to admit, it’s rare I’ll pay for an e-book by an unknown-to-me writer, let alone pay more than a dollar or two.  Hell, truth be told, I haven’t paid for an e-book by any of my favorite authors, lol.  Since I know first hand that it costs virtually NOTHING for me – an indie author / publisher – to produce an e-book (save for the cost of time it takes to format it and upload), I can’t imagine it costing any of the traditional publishers  more than the hourly salary of the person responsible for formatting and I would imagine those salaries are covered by the amount they make on print books.

But hey, what do I know? Nothing save for the fact that my e-book sales are pure profit so there’s no reason to gouge potential buyers / readers.

So, that’s it for today’s post. Going to hop on over to my TO-DO list and get a couple things, to done.


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