1st Epiphany of 2016

*I am not making money from my writing / coaching because it is a business and I have convinced myself that I don’t know how to manage a business, let alone know how to do any kind of business accounting. Therefore, when it’s come to manifesting business revenue, I choke.

Having had the light shine on that little tid-bit prompts me to figuring out just how do small businesses handle money? Going to go after the answer the way I usually do – web search, pick a method, and run with it. The idea here is that I’ve done all I know to do to set up the revenue streams, now it’s a matter of getting out of my way and letting the revenue flow.

I’ll be going in to chat with someone at the SBA as well. Figure it can’t hurt to get some expert advice (for free). I’d already established January as my “get legit” month, so this falls in line with my plan.

Meanwhile, no more waiting for a CPA to fall from the sky to rescue me from my fear and no more letting the fear of messing up the money stop me from making some. I got my personal finances in better shape (there’s still some fear but it stopped being paralyzing) so I know I can do the same with my business.



7 thoughts on “1st Epiphany of 2016

      1. We all need to make some noise. It feels like I’ve been sleeping the last couple of years. You did get over to the UK, though, so you got a big leg up on me. 🙂

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