So, about this scene that’s circling in my head…

No sooner than I say I’m taking a break then does my OTHER manuscript (this one’s only been simmering for a year) raise its hand asking for some attention. A “perfect” scene hopped into my head last night on the way to dinner. It faded while I ate, then came back on the drive home. It wandered about for a few minutes, then left again, only to scream at me this morning around 7:15. Now, it’s jumping up and down, driving me to put fingers to keys.

I was going to use a cute bunny video as a visual simile – comparing my idea to the behaviors of a ‘happy rabbit’ but instead, came across this. Got distracted. Sorry. What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, I blog first, to warm up the muscles in both my wrists and my head. Priming the pump so to speak. I’m hoping that once the scene is written and tucked away in the project file, that book will leave me alone for a bit. I’ve got so much to do in the next few days – to add writing to the mix would guarantee more sleepless nights, and long, tiring days spent doing everything but getting back to my body-love routine.

Although, my writing is a form of love; while it takes it toll on my body, it slathers my mind and soul with all kinds of feel-good. And who wouldn’t want that?

Alright, time to write. “Once more into the fray…”

lol...just figured I'd toss in a happy dance to start the morning off right.
lol…figured I’d toss in a happy dance to start the morning off right.

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