100 Pages Even

Not sure how it all came to this, but the rewrite is…well, done, I guess. My lead character left me hanging with this sentence, “Well, that was just weird.”  And then she stopped talking to me, lol.

My rewrite is done with the exception of that one sentence as the ending. I’m at exactly 100 pages, 54,093 words.  I am seriously tempted to leave it at this; get the beta reads done, the corrections and edits made, then off to the printer she will go.  But there’s just one thing.

The writer in me knows damn good and well that, “Well, that was just weird.” is NOT a proper ending by any means. But the outside the box part of me wants to leave it right there and release it out into the world of readers to see what happens. At this point, I’m talking just two people (one of which sent enough money awhile back to pay for my next two releases) who will be reading this.  And frankly, they kind of get me so they might not find anything odd about the ending as it stands, LOL.

It feels good to be DONE finally. With a reasonable draft I mean. I’ve been all over the place recently but haven’t done any real creative writing. My dreams are getting a little out there too. And there’s this odd sensation going on in my head some days, as if my sinus’ are debating whether or not to give me full on grief. I get some drainage, so then there’s a bit of sore throat, other times, they swell shut so tight that I can feel my heartbeat in my nose and behind my eyes. Just weird….

Hey, maybe that’s what my character is talking about. She’s commenting on how odd my mind is now, lol.

Ho hum. Gotta work on the cover art now. Tell you what – when I’m done with it, I’ll come back and post it, ‘kay?  See you soon.

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