Talk About Anti-climatic

So, it’s the day after the birthday.  I got the usual calls and texts for which I am very grateful – it always surprises me the folks who remember and chose to send me best wishes. Then there’s that one or two that completely catch me off guard.  Those random blasts from the past that leave me wondering why that person chose to reach out. And if you know anything about me, that wondering “why” is what will eventually drive me to my grave I’m sure. It’s the one thing that over rides quite a bit of my better judgement.  I mean, I’ll continue in situations / conversations / relationships that aren’t at all beneficial, strictly because I want to understand WHY that person is doing / saying / behaving in such a manner. So of course, instead of ignoring the ghosts of lives past, I engage them in conversation.  smh

Fortunately, at this point, nothing negative came of this most recent haunting ;-).

Anyway, in retrospect, my anticipation for this year’s birthday was unrealistically high so as I think about how folks didn’t show up for the parties, and those that did didn’t seem to have fun, topped off with the actual birthday on which the one person I expected to say “happy birthday” first, didn’t.  Not first, not last. In fact, not at all. Not even the day after.


Needless to say, I’m left with a rather melancholy cloud over the day after.

Now the question is, where do we go from here? Well, seeing as how a new month is just 24 hours away, I suppose the best thing to do is to get started on making my next trip around the sun more personal, more memorable, and such a wonderful experience FOR MYSELF that I don’t need anyone else to show up or acknowledge it.  Yeah, I like that idea.

So to that end:

Gotta level up the Body Love work.  I managed to lose an inch around my waist in 30 days and I wasn’t really trying. Imagine if I up my game just a touch?  Oh, I’ve got a fantabulous vacation coming up, so gotta save for that. Which means less eating out but that was on the list anyway. Part of my Body Love stuff means putting healthier food in my body so, bye-bye restaurants. Hello grocery store.

I’ve also been thinking about life after my job. I’ve still got some years of working for “the man” to live out, but there’s nothing wrong with preparing for the next phase. I’m thinking travel agent.  No…not the network marketing kind, but a real travel agent who puts together very specific, intimate travel itineraries.  I already have several in mind. Now, here’s hoping humans don’t turn the world into some desolate waste land between now and when I have my grand opening. I still want to learn Portuguese, and perhaps how to sing.  I could use some dance lessons as well – hip hop dance of course…or maybe belly dancing. I’ve got some books to write and publish too.

What I’m reminding myself here is that this life is mine. And it’s up to me to make it what I want it to be. So, while my 47th year ended with a whimper, I’m about to kick my 48th off with a bang.


Happy Birthday to me!

4 thoughts on “Talk About Anti-climatic

    1. Oh, thats not cool. Let me send you early bday wishes that you find some way to celebrate the wonder and amazement that is you and the energy you share with the world. Every day you make it possible for you and your little person to exist is a reason to celebrate. :-).

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