Henceforth you shall be known as The #FeedArt Network

It’s been amazing watching Ms. Lee gain momentum in her Social Media for Artists work. Let her help you get your art (whatever medium you’re using) out there!

Dangerous Lee


Yea, kinda like that, but now, in this galaxy, and no jedi will be harmed in the process.


For many years, six to be exact, this website has been known as The Dangerous Lee Network because it was a place for me to showcase my talents as a writer, author, artist and highlight any projects that I happened to be involved in.

Over the last few years it has gone through many changes and some have even called it – “all over the place.”

The one thing that has remained consistent isthe fact that I’ve always made it a point to feature other artists and creatives, so this website has never really just been about me.

It’s been about YOU!

It’s time for the name to reflect that fact and let’s be real, I’m not that interesting by myself 😉

A change has…

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