Having a Bad Word Day (a little funny for your Friday)

**This was supposed to post on the 6th at 4:30 pm.  I’m guessing I need a tutorial on how to set the timer.  Oh well, it’s still sort of funny, so enjoy.**


Eh, more like a bad word-grouping day.  These phrases are stuck in my head:

  1. might could get – “He might could get some.” = I think that gentleman is very attractive. I’d consider having sex with him.
  2. what had happened was – “What had happened was, there was this man…” = The reason why I’m late is because there was this man…
  3. who your people is – “Who your people is?” = Are you from around here? I might know your family. Who are your parents / cousins / grandparents, etc. ?
  4. what’chor name is – “Hey gurl, what’chor name is?” = Excuse me, miss. What is your name?
  5. ain’t nobody got time for that – (self-explanatory, but why does it grate so on my nerves when I hear it?)
  6. all the feels – (not quite sure how to use it in a sentence) = I’m feeling so emotional right now.
  7. all the yes – (not quite sure how to use this one in a sentence either) = I whole-heartedly support that.
  8. you’s a bad b**ch – (refuse to use it in a sentence and don’t understand what it really means. Really don’t understand how it’s taken as a compliment.)
  9. be like – “We be like ain’t no body got time for that.” – All of us agreed that we didn’t have time to be engaged in such silly activity.
  10. bae – “Hey bae.” – Hello, baby.  (As said to the person with whom one is in a relationship with…I think.)


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