Why You Should Care About Human Rights

Eye opening POV on human rights. After reading this, I’m re-thinking my position on several fronts. Any article that prompts me to do that is one I want to share.

Chapter TK

The other day, I was browsing around one of my favorite used book stores. It had been far too long since I had been there and I spent a good hour or so weaving my way through the shelves, breathing in the smell of printed paper. As I was purchasing my books, I became engaged in a lively conversation with one of the workers. We chatted on about politics, equality, authors and, eventually, he asked a question I hear often. “How did you become interested in human rights?” While I’m used to the question being asked of me, I’m always a little surprised people consider it a unique interest. Are we not all human? Do we not all deserve our human rights?

Why You Should Care About Human Rights

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