This tastes like….

I am sipping a cup of coffee. I don’t normally drink coffee. I’m more of a flavored creamer with a hint o’coffee kind of woman. Honestly, if they weren’t so cloyingly sweet by themselves, I’d actually just drink the flavored creamers straight – no chaser.  Toss in the fact that caffeine and I don’t get along and I’m even more reluctant to indulge in a cuppa, know what I mean? So, because of the rarity of my tasting coffee of any sort, is it any wonder that all coffee tastes the same to me? Yes.  All coffee. I mention this only because I just had a cup of the Keurig Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll “flavored” coffee.  Aside from the brief hint of cinnamon bun scent at the beginning of the brewing process, it tasted like…coffee. Same with the Keurig Vanilla Hazelnut Decaff I tried a couple of weeks ago.  Help me out here all you die-hard coffee connoisseurs.  What am I missing?4502717571058

I have the same issue with beer.  Yes, all beer. I’ve tried stouts, IPAs (what does that even mean), lights, darks, seasonals, and the rot-gut you tend to find on most college campuses.  It all tastes like…beer.

Again I ask…what am I missing?

(I’m mostly just killing some time here with this post. I had the cup of coffee, got the jitters and needed to write, LOL.  The bitter taste of the brew still on my taste buds inspired this small rambling.)

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