I’m drawing a blank.

Not sure what to title this. So, let’s just move on.

Reading versus writing.

I have spent quite a bit more time this year reading than I have writing. They say that one of the keys to good writing is to be widely read so in that respect, my writing should improve dramatically. I’ve put away at least 30 books that I counted on Goodreads and spent who knows how many hours reading the many blogs I’m following.  I had to take a break from the blog reading though as I’ve developed some sort of “thing” where my eyesight goes all wonky after about three hours of looking at a computer screen.

book stats - pages read book stats books 2014 - pg 1 books 2014 - pg 2 goodreads challenge I haven’t given up writing altogether. I have three books in various stages of not ready for publication yet. At least one of them will see print in 2015. Which is good, I guess. My small cadre of family and friends who typically read my work will probably pony up the $6.99 to read it which is cool.  I wish I had a wider readership of course, I mean, I really do want to be able to sustain myself through my fiction but oh well. I admit, the wind ‘neath my writing sails died down considerably this year. Life happens. I continue to write and we’ll see how next year goes, eh?

Speaking of writing, the future of my WordPress

Looking through WordPress’ “Year in Review” stats I notice that my blog receives much the same level of interest as my novels do. In the past, this would have prompted me to draft a plan on how to up my readership / change my content / perhaps commit to a writing challenge or two.  But eh.  Not feeling it. I don’t want the added pressure nor the let down that comes when a plan doesn’t net the results I’d hoped for. I started the blog because I was told it was vital, nay, critical to my success as an indie author. People would buy and read my books if I used all the social media available to me to build my “platform” – I had a Facebook page, a Twitter account, this blog…I was on BookBuzzr, Instagram, and Tumblr.  Everything was connected via Hootsuite and other channels so that a post to one showed up everywhere. I did interviews, book reviews, re-blogs; I commented and interacted. It was fun but netted little return. I am beginning to think my writing just isn’t all that captivating, so why stress over how many readers, followers, etc.? Why work even harder to catch other’s eyes? So, as far as posting goes, don’t look for any drastic increases in how often I post, or a change in the types of things I write about. I know for sure I’m going to pull less punches and work less at appealing to the masses. Instead, when (if) I write, it will be more from the heart, more about how I REALLY FEEL, what I REALLY THINK.  You may notice, I’m not all that “deep” a thinker, lol; and even at my angriest, I tend to be pretty tame.

I will officially declare my posting hiatus over on January 1st. As it is with most life forms who track time, a new season or new year means new beginnings. I’ve been working to come up from this latest bout with depression. My most recent doctor’s visit revealed a couple of issues that may be contributing factors so with her help in those areas, I should see some marked improvement to my mood toward the end of January. I still haven’t gone back to Facebook or Twitter and I may need to drop my newsfeeds altogether by switching to using my Gmail account only. Yahoo, Comcast, and the others all come with home pages that stream the very “news” I’m trying to avoid, my Gmail account so far, just has email.  I can click through to Google+ or Blogger, but neither of those presents me with content that brings me down. It helps tremendously that I’m not in the habit of clicking through, whereas I haven’t been able to break that on my other sites.

I think we’re done here.

As far as year end posts go, this isn’t much, I suppose. No earth shattering news, no resolutions, no optimistic (or pessimistic, for that matter) views of how things will be in the new year.  As I have been hearing more and more lately, it is what it is. Here’s to another year with hopes that people finally get their shit together and we perhaps learn to live with a lot less drama.

2 thoughts on “I’m drawing a blank.

    1. Three Million!! I wouldn’t know how to act, lol. And yeah, we do seem to draw parallels here and there. :-). I’m thinking it’s time for me to switch things up a bit – I’m still going to write, but perhaps my “purpose” lies in a different direction, lol.

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