I hate long good-byes.

I have to walk away from the blog the same as I’ve walked away from social media, the news, and mind numbing television. The written word was how I processed my experiences, emotions, feelings, and such.  But there aren’t any words in any language I’ve encountered so far to help me process how I fit into the world now. I am struggling to make sense of how the taking of life is so casually dealt with these days, across the globe; how humans can look at life in its many forms, shapes, colors and NOT see value or worth unless they can benefit financially from it.

I wonder if white men feel fear or if they just get angry when something dares to challenge their perception of their right to rule, control, have, etc.?

Thank you for your follows, likes, comments, and such. I have appreciated the points of view, the beautiful writing, and freedom of expression I’ve found here.  Maybe once the words return and my mind (heart, soul) finds its footing, I’ll be back.


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