Please don’t ask me…

Please don’t ask me what I think about:

  1. Bill Cosby
  2. the Ferguson verdict
  3. Race in America
  4. Politics
  5. the 1 percent
  6. Black Friday
  7. Kim Kardashian’s ass
  8. etc.

Don’t ask me because right now…right now, I just don’t have the energy anymore. I’m all out of compassion, understanding; the ability to process the level of hate and ambivalence.  The energy it takes to be hyper-vigilant – ever watchful so I don’t offend, upset, anger, or garner too much attention for fear of death – has finally drained me to my last. I just don’t have it in me anymore to care about your feelings, to fight the good fight, to take the high road, to turn the other cheek, or attempt to rectify the injustices by any means necessary.  I have run out of positivity, silver linings, and the belief that anything will change.

You win. I lay down my arms and surrender.

Not my picture.
Not my picture.

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