A few more characters just stopped by.

Oh, and the working title is Lake Innocence, in case it wasn’t obvious from my first post.   Since I wrote that post, some of the supporting cast has shown up:

  • Kevin (no last name yet) – lead’s (she hasn’t told me her name yet, either) neighbor, good friend.  Surprisingly, he isn’t looking to be the eventual love interest.   The lead and he just have a really fun PLATONIC relationship and not because she’s over weight.  He just has genuine affection for her but isn’t interested.  I have a guy friend like that and people consistently give us the side eye when we say we aren’t nor have we ever been romantically or lustfully involved, nor have we ever harbored those types of feelings for each other.  Having grown up as a tom-boy, I know platonic relationships can and do thrive and NO, he’s not gay.  Good grief.
  • Mrs. Bernstein – the other neighbor. She’s a surrogate mother in the lead’s life; for obvious reasons, the lead and her own mother weren’t all that close.  Anyway,  Mrs. Bernstein is more than likely going to provide quite a bit of  our comic relief as I see her already as a slightly off the beaten path kind of woman. An adventurer in her youth and still quite prone to impulsive behavior that would certainly be considered unusual in a woman of her age (I’m thinking she’s in her late sixties, way early seventies. She hasn’t said yet.)
  • Psychiatrist (no name revealed yet) – she serves up the obligatory emotional break-throughs. Not so sure how big a role she plays in the whole story. So far, there’s only been the one few minutes of a scene where she showed up.
  • Love interest (no name for him yet either – he’s being a touch mysterious so far) – he’s not what you think and he doesn’t show up the way you think. I mean to say, he’s not a personal trainer or other such body transformation type dude who would usually show up and in the process of helping our lead drop the unhealthy pounds, falls in love with her. Oh no. He’s already reveled that he’s not wanting to fall into that trap.  Or trope if you will. I’m so glad to hear that.
  • Kelly (no last name yet) – Lead’s cousin, childhood best friend.



Not my photo.  Wanted to find something though that put the idea in your mind of what the lodge at the family compound might look like. :-)
Not my photo.
Wanted to find something though that put the idea in your mind of what the lodge at the family compound might look like. 🙂

All of these names / characters may change between now and my NaNo win (might as well claim it, eh?).  There’s always some new idea or approach that crops up as I work things out during re-write (hence the delayed release so far of Aphrodite’s Twin – I may have just found an ending I’m happy with but it’s still a bit unclear). That’s the nature of the beast. I enjoy looking at my drafts then comparing them to the final, printed stories; picking out the differences, finding the parts I fell in love with or cut out altogether – eventually knowing that what went to print was indeed, the story I WANTED to tell all along. That lets me know I did what I was supposed to do as a professional novelist.

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