(Unfinished) Seduction


It is not a gold filled smile or one’s body being exposed.  Its not, “shawty”, “bitch”, “freak”, or “ho.”  It is not buying me a drink at the bar with the expectation that my panties will drop.  It is not waking up to strangers in your bed.  It’s not hooking up or, “I’m emotionally unavailable”.  It’s not making me pay for what she did in your past.

Seduction is dating.  The warmth of your fingertips trailing down my jaw line before you kiss me goodnight; it is opening my door, listening to what I have to say.  It is smiling when I enter the room.  It’s sharing your opinion, having boundaries, and a healthy sense of self. It’s wanting and choosing to BE with me.  It is letting the moment build until neither of us can stand the tension anymore.  Seduction is knowing I’m safe and we’re both protected.

It is the feel of my hands sliding around your waist, the flat of my palm pressing into the small of your back, pulling you closer into our embrace, talking to you without saying a word.

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