On the new Supreme Court ruling.

Because I find I’m rendered speechless in the face of this country’s continued slide back to being able to consider me someone’s property…this blog is a beautiful expression of outrage. My fear is growing and soon, very soon, I feel I’ve got a decision to make.

Improvisations on Reality

You probably have already seen it make headlines. SCOTUS struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act. 

Not two hours later, Texas takes advantage of this.

And I, who reads history books for the hell of it, who researches time periods, culture, attitudes therein just for fun, feel like I’m sitting back and watching the history of this country in rewind mode. Horror doesn’t quite encompass what I’m feeling. Numbness doesn’t either. Hell, the closest I come to comparing my own emotions about this would be the Star Wars III scene where Padme Amidala is watching the entire Council celebrate the creation of the Galactic Empire, knowing that this is the collapse of freedom as she knows it. “This is how liberty dies,” she said. “With thunderous applause.” While there’s no thunderous applause, there is a court decision, a legal act that only a subsequent decision in the same…

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