We Want YOU – To Read :-)

Buy Hello Diva at regular price and get your choice of Let There Be Life or Satin Sheet Memoirs, Vol. 1, at 50% off.  This is for the paperbacks only, the e-copies aren’t on sale, but…

You can still get a deal. Whether you buy the paperbacks or electronic versions, once you’re done reading, post your review at:  Amazon or Smashwords and receive the next Nowata Press title FREE!

To order your paperbacks go to the website or send an email to dmyles3784@yahoo.com.   Click either of these links,  Amazon or Smashwords, to buy e-copies.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~          Book Descriptions    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Front Book CoverHello Diva

Charise never thought she was beautiful – beauty in her family meant “good hair”, an attribute her father consistently reminded her she did not have. So of course, when what hair she did have started to fall out, Charise resigned herself to a life spent as a permanent “ugly duckling.”

Until her best friend convinces her to wear, The Weave. Suddenly transformed, with the long straight hair she’d always wanted, Charise changes, and not necessarily for the better. Read to find out what happens when she builds all of her self-confidence and love on something so easily lost.


Let There Be Life

Book Cover design

“My real ‘life’ began with a death. The death of my marriage, that is…. It would have been nice if everything after that was smooth sailing but then that wouldn’t make for a very good story now would it?”  –  Introducing Lex Burns, a woman whose recent divorce forces her to finally grow-up. Join her on this funny, heartfelt and entertaining journey as she discovers a life of self-fulfillment and true love



2nd Print Satin Sheets Vol 1 Book Cover - 05 05 10Satin Sheet Memoirs, Vol. 1

From the creative alter egos at Nowata Press comes an erotic, engaging, sensually charged, collection of short stories and poems. Satin Sheet Memoirs, Volume 1 is for the mature adult, this collection is sure to bring new meaning to the term, “literary pleasure.”



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