A wonderful interview of your’s truly, by the amazing Renea Winchester. If you’re an author in search of sound advice, check out Renea’s blog here on WordPress – Adviceforauthors. She not only blogs, but has written two books, In the Garden With Billy – a wonderful biography of local farmer, Billy Albertson, and the book that jump started my marketing plan, Stress-free Marketing: Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author. Both books are well worth the read!


Today I’d like to introduce Dana Ellington Myles. Daily, authors approach me begging for an Amazon review, a word, a mention that-they think-will help them sell books. I rarely offer these reviews because few authors understand that marketing words to readers reaches far beyond Amazon. I actually contacted Dana and asked for an interview because she defines the life of a fledgling author…or at least how one should act. She is hard-working, spending hours researching how to sell her books; hours perfecting her craft; hours being the best author she can be.

That is lesson one. Offer only your best to your readers.

Her writing is filled with emotion, offering pieces of her soul in a way that causes readers to nod while consuming the words she has written. I am proud to introduce her to readers because I know this interview will help you.

Question: First, let me congratulate…

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