Making love to the muse; an interlude.

Okay, so I still can’t find the “for mature audiences only” button on the WordPress post generator.  Since I can’t, this isn’t going to be nearly as graphic as I originally planned.  But there must be an outlet for this…feeling.  In times past, when my muse was, um…well, compelling me to write (in his special way), I had a physical outlet for the sensations.  But in light of recent promises I’ve made to myself, I am at a loss.

I can write until the proverbial bovines find themselves resting comfortably in their own barn, but the bottom line is after a really good stretch of writing abandon, I am left with an over abundance of feeling and emotion.  It wants out.  I’ve just learned to cry but it’s still not a good release for me.  It’s dark and rainy now, so it wouldn’t be prudent to run off to the playground.  What to do, what to do…

4 thoughts on “Making love to the muse; an interlude.

    1. At that rate, I’ll be working on multiple projects all the time. It’s the weirdest thing how being in the zone seems to send me into hyper drive. But you know, I am due to pull together another erotica collection. Maybe writing about it will help since….Dang it I need to find that “R” rating button for this thing. LOL

      1. Do what I do: comment up front that the section below is going to be–well, probably not safe if you have delicate eyes. Then skip a couple of spaces, and indicate you’re moving onward. Then write it. You can’t say you didn’t warn them.

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