I said the words

And the path to finishing the next novel opened up.  I am shifting gears and we’ll be back to the other writing soon enough.  I wanted to share with you this quick excerpt from the WIP.

Caitlyn’s muse was quick to pull her back into his world.  She lost track of time again.  This time, it was Attila who brought her back from the fantasy.  It was well past time for Atilla’s evening absolution, not to mention the food dish hadn’t been topped off.

“Oh babies, I’m sorry.  What time is it?  Geez, how’d it get to be nine o’clock already?  I’m so sorry.”  Hun had been impatiently pacing on the desk in a vain attempt to get her attention.  Attila had taken matters into her own paws with a loving series of taps and scratches on Caitlyn’s leg. 

She stood up, unlocking her knees and giving a good stretch to her back.  There was something warped about enjoying the pain after sitting still writing for so long.  It was as if the pain was a physical sign of accomplishment.  She stretched her fingers, arms, celebrating the pops and cracks as her joints settled into more natural positions.  The animals raced to the kitchen in anticipation of the coming food and water. 

She let Attila out into the back yard not bothering to turn on the flood lights.  If she had, she might have seen the shadow standing in the far corner of the yard.  The figure stood still, just watching.  Indistinguishable from the other shadows of the yard. 

Had she seen the figure, she wouldn’t have been able to tell whether it was man or woman, human or humanoid.  Its height wasn’t too much taller than hers, its build hidden beneath the bulk of an ankle length winter coat.  The hands, if there were any, were tucked into the pockets of the coat and any hair it may have had was equally hidden from view by a knit cap. 

Had there been light, she may have caught the facial features.  But alas, since the lights weren’t turned on, Caitlyn missed the figure completely.  Had it not been for Atilla’s sudden stop, and the deep rumbling of her growl growing louder until it turned into a volley of barks, Caitlyn wouldn’t have known there was anyone or anything there at all.

At first, she dismissed Attila’s reaction as the possibility of a deer or some other critter wandering too close to the fence in the woods behind the house.  At least until she saw the figure climb to the top of the fence.  A darkness against darkness, all she could make out was the rustle of the coat as it finally cleared the top.  “Oh shit, Tila! Biscuit!”  Attila sprang in the direction of the stranger, her growls growing more menacing as she gained speed.  The figure had just cleared the fence by the time Attila got there.  Had Caitlyn been a few seconds faster with the attack command, Attila would have a mouth full of the figure’s foot but that split second gave it time to get away. 

“Tilla, sausage.”  Immediately, Attila stopped barking and returned to Caitlyn’s left side.  The guard dog training was courtesy of the same man who she had taken the shooting lessons from.  When Caitlyn mentioned she’d bought Attila, he offered her the training at no extra charge.  His philosophy was that if she was going to feed the beast, she might as well be worth the dog food.  They’d come up with the unusual commands so that not just anybody would be able to give them.  At the word biscuit, Attila was trained to pursue and bring down the stranger in the midst.  Friends were introduced as “honey” and told to present their hands, palm up for Attila to sniff.  Once the command had been given, the sniffing completed, Attila would turn into the lap dog she usually was.  No introduction and Atilla would stay by Caitlyn’s left side on guard just in case there was trouble.

This one has the darkest character I’ve ever written, the darkest scenes I’ve ever thought.  It is the culmination of my fears and some of the harshest experiences I’ve had.  It is also the release of what I believe to be the last things holding me back.   What a wild feeling.

So much for sleep, eh?  LOL…it’s over rated anyway.  ;-).  I love you.

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