There’s no place like home.

Random post: In the middle of the end of my most recent growth spurt.

My mother told me a story the other day.  She shared a piece of her history that before this, she didn’t know I knew.  I’d never brought up this piece of her life because of the way it was told to me; I believe the intent behind telling me wasn’t honorable and since my mom hadn’t shared the news, I deemed it one of those things that she didn’t want to share so it was off-limits to discussion.

For her to have finally told me, lent the story some weight.  And much like my aunt’s death in January, I have been transformed.  Which in turn, has altered my writing (it always comes back to that).

But back to my individual transformation – you remember the baby right?  She was maybe a month old when my personalities introduced her to me (click here and here for her history).  The combination of events that has been this trip thus far, have aged her quite a bit.  She’s a toddler now, mobile on sturdy but still cute pudgy legs. She’s into everything.  Opening closet and cabinet doors, playing with Onyx’s weapons, combing through Ana’s toy boxes, and spending quite a bit of time with Baby on the island.  All of them love her, even the dark ones embrace her being a part of the landscape.  IT built her a hammock of the finest spider webbing I’ve ever seen.  Funny enough, it’s where she sleeps.  (gives me the shivers).  Another interesting revelation about this child, is that she has wings.  They’re developing quite nicely and are of the purest black I’ve ever seen.  Picture a raven or crow.  She’s taken a few tentative flights with them already.  I get the feeling that when the chrysalis breaks, she’ll be the one to emerge, wings spread; taking off to the clouds without hesitation.


I so pictured a dragon emerging, but in “reality”, it’ll just be me the way my divinity intended all along.

4 thoughts on “There’s no place like home.

  1. Taking that first step towards confidence is half the battle. From there everything seems to just flow a little better. Keep your head up and keep rising……

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