Positively Challenged

As a writer (which for me is the same as anyone else saying, “as a human”) words are as much a part of me as the blood that flows through my veins.  I believe in their power.  The sentiments I’ve expressed, the situations I’ve gone through recently, all presented to the world via Facebook, this blog, and my Twitter snippets. I hadn’t paid attention to the tone or vibe of what I was putting out into the universe or what I was allowing to take up residence in my head.  The words just came, I took them in and breathed them out. I write.  It’s what I am.

But my friends who have been watching me go through this growth spurt have, in their own ways, been holding my hand – offering support, guidance, love, and advice, because they want to see me healthy and whole when I emerge from my chrysalis. One such friend offered me a challenge last night.  She threw down the gauntlet with “For the next 30 days, you can only post positive stuff on Facebook.”  Given my state of mind as of late, I think…no, I know I need to extend that to include all areas of my life now.  My personal and professional lives are in flux and could use a little boost from my inner voices and the words they use.

So, I’m pledging here that for the next 30 days (Feb. 4 – March 4), I will do my damnedest to think and speak in positive terms.

Whew.  Didn’t think it would feel this difficult.  Being more positive shouldn’t cause fear? Should it? It does when you believe as I do, that words can change perception thus change reality. I’m changing my reality and change (when you’re doing it right) causes fear. A challenge like this aligns my words with my purpose. And my friends, I’ve always believed I was a force to be reckoned with but I played it weak for a long time (giving other’s words power over my own). With this challenge comes a release of sorts; I’ll be focused on what’s good, what’s strong, what’s positive (although not always what FEELS good). Changing my perception.

I feel my wings starting to develop…going to be one hell of a dragon when I emerge from this cocoon.

Care to take the challenge with me?

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