31 days into Transformation – Damn that was fast

Sigh.  31 days have already come and gone.  The new year isn’t so new.  In fact the shine has worn off quite a few things in my life.  Not in a bad way; I consider it a sign of maturity that I suffered through quite involuntarily.  But okay, it was bound to happen sooner or later and I guess for the sake of all involved or all who may be involved, this is somewhat a good thing. The maturing part.  Definitely something I didn’t see coming, damn it.  I hate being caught unaware.  But okay, no need to dwell on any of that.  You’re here to share in this journey with me, the writing and all.  Let’s get to what I’ve learned already, in just the past 31 days.

About Writing:

  • It can always be better, so no more settling for rough drafts.  I can never be afraid to hack and slash, write and re-write.
  • Trust my characters and my muse to work themselves out of sticky situations and to tell me what’s going on.  It is, after all, their lives that I’m being allowed to share.
  • Believe in the craft as I know it.  I’m not any other writer, I’m me and the style I have is my own – use it, hone it, and above all, LOVE it for the unique thing that it is.

About Living:

  • Everything dies, so I need to stop being so afraid to die that I don’t LIVE now.
  • If it doesn’t bring me honest joy, peace, enjoyment, and all things positive and beneficial, then I don’t need or want it.  And as much as it hurts my ego I accept I’m not going to bring all that to everyone I meet. I have to trust that for those I do, they’ll let me know through their words and actions, those I don’t…the same is true.  For those I don’t, let them go and worry not about them anymore after that.

About Feelings / Emotions (this Superwoman’s Kryptonite)

  • Both are transient states of being, and the things that trigger them to kick me in the tenders were mostly pre-set when I was a kid.  I’m an adult now and while the triggers may be based in my childhood, my actions (reactions) don’t have to be childish.
  • I can sit, feel, and when necessary express whatever emotion or feeling is kicking me in the tenders; I’m not going to die from feeling / expressing them (no matter how badly I may want to).
  • No more public temper tantrums.  😉

About Romantic Love (UGH!!! BAH, and HUMBUG; and Heaven help me, VDay is two weeks away.  I’m sick just thinking about it.)

  • This is still a very grey area for me.  I have suffered at the hands of this notion for what I will doggedly attempt to keep as the absolute LAST time.
  • Time to start qualifying who gets my energy BEFORE I give it.  To that end, there are four basic interview questions I’ll ask.  Miss one, thanks for stopping by.

Money, Finance

  • The past 31 days taught me little in this area that I didn’t already know.  My experience in this area just reinforces my motivation to keep words to page.
  • This is still the last year the words, “can’t afford”  are part of my vocabulary.


  • My intent should be clear before I act.  If my intent isn’t in line with my higher purpose, better good, then I shouldn’t act (press send, make the call, write the chapter, etc.).  No good has come to me from actions done with negative intent.

I send a prayer of thanks to my Aunt Joyce, who’s passing opened my eyes to the lessons I learned – without that one event, I’m not so sure I would have seen them for what they were.  I wrote (the day she died) – Death has a way of shining light on living.  I meant that with all sincerity.  Her death shone a bright light on how I was living.  I didn’t like what I saw AT ALL.

February continues the journey.  I don’t have as much planned as I did for January.  Like I said, my aunt’s death, the lesson’s learned, pointed me back to myself – I hadn’t realized how far / fast I was getting away until that day.

Stay tuned.  You’re going to like where this is going.  I guarantee it.

2 thoughts on “31 days into Transformation – Damn that was fast

  1. You’re doing great! Looking at all aspects of ‘self’. The thing about growing wiser is that it is FREEING! My mantra for this year comes from the Hopi Elders:

    The time of the lonely wolf is over.
    Gather yourselves!
    Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.
    All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
    We are the ones we have been waiting for.

    So what’s your best new writing tip?

    Linda Joyce

    1. My best new writing tip? lol…from my own experience, it has to be to WRITE. Let nothing come between you and your writing time. No matter what time that is, put fingers to keypad, words to page. For so many years I would ignore the urge to write. I’d let whole stories slip from my mind because I didn’t have a pen or was worried that someone might think it odd of me to stop talking in the middle of a sentence because a scene, or bit of dialog just hit me in the brain. But now, there is nothing I won’t stop doing in order to let the voices have their say. I will write on napkins, matchbooks, my hands, it doesn’t matter. I will tell people to shush so I can capture the thought uninterrupted.

      Long winded answer, but that’s it. WRITE, and don’t let anything stand in your way :-D.

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