This is my profession, @#$% just got real. :-)

I became a professional writer today. Up until this point, I’ve been dabbling. Picking at the story telling profession like I have done most things in my life. Learning just enough to do the bare minimum successfully. I’d gone to school for the writing but up until this very moment, I hadn’t applied much of what I learned.
But now, just now, right this very minute as I was reading through a manuscript I thought was very close to publication ready, I began reading it with a professional writer’s eyes. Lessons learned, advice taken, I read this manuscript with my eyes wide open. I became a professional writer and realized, this thing , while full of some of my best turns of phrase, is ultimately crap as far as being ready to share with readers. I am restructuring the whole thing, which also means more writing. What is now a ten chapter, 60+K word “novel” is about to get an overhaul. Not sure how many more words, chapters I’m going to end up with. But I have this overwhelming feeling that the final draft will be my first – best novel. I said, at this story’s inception, this would be the one to catch people’s attention; this was the one that would put me on the writing map.
2012 is all about raising the bar in my social and professional lives. Socially, my calendar looks like that of any woman about town; full of places to be, people to see. But professionally, I didn’t have much listed. That is changing rapidly. My calendar now includes project deadlines, specific tasks to complete on the two major projects I’m producing this year. It’s the deadlines that really speak to my professionalism as a writer.  People who dabble don’t adhere to strict deadlines, people with hobbies rarely have schedules.  This is going to be amazing.


PS – this is a bit of a twilight zone episode as well.  When you read the book I’m working on, there are some crazy parallels to my “real” life and the life of my main character.  I hope those parallels continue because that means I’m going to have an agent and a book deal by spring.

3 thoughts on “This is my profession, @#$% just got real. :-)

  1. I know exactly what you mean. When I finished my manuscript back in November, I thought it was awesome. Then I started getting peer reviewed. Holy crap was I naive. I’ve rewritten/edited 21 of my 71 chapters so far. It’ll still be approximately 65K+ words. But it will be MUCH better now. Richer characters. Better dialogue. Less wasted space. MUCH better.

    1. It’s amazing how that works out – when I put “the end” on this manuscript, I was so proud. I just knew it was going to be my breakout novel, but something kept bugging me about it. It just never sat right. So, here it is three years later and I finally figured out what was wrong – the timeline was screwed so badly it was ridiculous, lol. I’m really feeling better about it now that’s for sure.

  2. Yeah… I haven’t reached that point yet, lol. My stories are all half-finished, and when I make a deadline, I push it. And push it. And then break it. And then get a new plot bunny and start all over again, heheh. Luck with this!

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