Why are these characters so hard to write?

I started NaNoWriMo this past year.  I didn’t finish, but I’m okay with that.  It gave me a great start to a new work and I’m enjoying piecing the story together.  However, these have got to be the two hardest characters I’ve ever written.  It’s not as if they don’t want their story told but they’re being so flippin’ stubborn about it.  Usually, my characters and my muse gang up on me.  They move me to write at all hours of the day and night until the story is told.

When I started my NaNo, the voices were loud.  They drove me those first few days to a pretty decent start.  Then suddenly, they sent me off on some emotional goose chase.  I wrote a blog about it then nothing.  I didn’t add much more than a few words / sentences here and there on the whole project for the rest of the month.  Now, granted, I had some emotional crap going on in November.  Nothing that major, but for someone who’s just learning about their own feelings / emotions, it was a crazy month in my head.

My characters, my muse, even my personalities headed out for someplace other than in my head.  I could feel them lurking in the back ground.  Sort of watching me.  They sent me hints and tid bits, but nothing strong enough to help me finish the month with 50K words.

Since then, they’ve spoken to me a bit more here and there.  As I said, they want their story told.  But its definitely different.  While they maintain so much of my mind, they manage to block out the characters from another important project I need to get finished.  They don’t seem to want anyone else around them.  Makes some sense though because they aren’t a trusting pair.  They learned to trust even love each other but it definitely came at a price.

So maybe that’s it.  They are just that secretive.  For the time they live in my head, they want the place all to themselves.  Okay, I get that.  But they’ve got to get with the program.  I have schedules to keep.  Is that laughter I hear?  Somehow I don’t think they’re taking me seriously.

2 thoughts on “Why are these characters so hard to write?

  1. HA! MINe folded up their arms and stared at me with smug expressions and refused to cooperate until I completely rewrote the entire story. Granted, it was much better, but they just stood there and watched me flail!

    1. LOL. Funny how they can be so dag-gone difficult. They are born of our creativity but take on lives of their own so quickly. It’s like living an episode of the Twilight Zone for every story I write.

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