The Start of a Most Productive Month

New Year’s confession.  I cheated .  I wrote this blog entry well in advance of today’s posting.  It just made sense to me to be a step ahead.  You know the saying, the best laid plans…?  Well, I have a knack for making plans, then not following them.  The post you’re reading is probably wildly different from the original (which will appear in the book).  But we’ll see.

Meanwhile, on with what I wanted to write.  I’d like to welcome you “between the sheets.”  The warm body you’re snuggling up to as you read is me, the Satin Sheet Diva herself, Dana.  I am a professional writer currently moonlighting as a warehouse manager.  Nice to have you back, or meet you if this is your first time slipping under the covers (ie. reading my blog).

I started reviewing my posts, rethinking the direction I wanted to go with the blog.  I’ve read so many well written blogs recently; everyone seems to have a purpose – a reason they’re communicating with their readers.   I decided that my purpose for this blog is so that potential book buyers (and hopefully life-long fans) of my work can get a taste of my writing without having to pay for it.  In the process, they’ll also get to know “me” virtually, as an author and to an extent as a person.  I found my appreciation for my favorite authors increased the more I got to know them outside of their work.  One or two of them actually struck me as people I could hang out with so that was cool.  It reminds me of the time I came to know my mom as a real person versus the demigod-like PARENTAL FIGURE of AUTHORITY I had viewed her as growing up.  Once I got to know that she too felt fear, had her heart broken on more than one occasion, etc., it became easier to relate to her, to understand her motivations.  It helped our relationship tremendously.

That’s what I hope to do with this blog.  Establish a healthy virtual relationship with my readers so they can come to understand my motivations (why I write what I write), and come to trust me as an author.  I anticipate this will help my word of mouth promotions – after all, people are more likely to buy and recommend products provided by a trusted source.

So again, thank you for stopping by,  for clicking the “like” button, for signing up to “follow” the blog, and if I’m doing my job, for referring me to your fellow readers.  This is going to be a YEAR in the life that I’m looking forward to sharing with as many of you as I can.

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