My butt is numb, but still I can’t stop.

Day one of NaNoWriMo and I’m ahead of the days word count.  At this point, I’m already thinking of pulling into Procrastination Station, leaving tomorrow’s 1667 words to languish in my head until day 3.  But according to the stats, I’ll finish on November 15th if I keep up my current pace.   I like the sound of that.  And this story has taken on that life of its own feel.  My characters are talking to me.  So much for my earlier blog – the Critic is absent, my muse has been intense with the creative foreplay.  All is going swimmingly.

But that’s not why I blogged.  I blogged to talk about the life of  this writer.  I quit my job today.  Not physically, but I certainly turned in my resignation mentally.  I’m going to work to manage the nine to five for another, maybe three months.  During that time, I’m going to get that puppy down to a science so I’m doing it with as little mental effort as possible.  I’ve got to free up space in my mind for the personalities and characters to live comfortably, so they’re not all up under each other – they fight something terrible when they’re cramped.  My Muse will get a room of his own.  A large, bachelor type pad where he can seduce me at will.

I’m also going to come to grips with the fact that I’m a cave bear kind of writer.  I enjoy the solitude that comes with being hunched over the keyboard, banging out the day’s word count; updating the Blog or Tweeting.  I envision a daily schedule that revolves around my muse and the contractual deadlines I end up with.  Whatever time I need to spend with friends, or travel, I will be able to spend.  None of this asking for permission to take time off.  Let’s not even get started on that…

(shakes head to clear)  I’m a writer.  A novelist.  I would rather write than almost anything else.  So, leave me alone to write please.  Well, okay…come get me every couple of days to make sure I’m getting up, eating, keeping the blood circulating in my legs.  I’d appreciate that.

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