Ocean’s Call (I was inspired by the waves as they tumbled onto the shore)

Come into me and let me help you relax.  I will start at your toes; licking and teasing them.  The tickle reminds you of fond childhood experiences, you’ll smile as you giggle quietly.  Come further into me and let me take away the tension.  Lapping at your thighs, with wet cool kisses.  Memories of childhood fade to be replaced with more adult recollections.  Your giggles stop as a knowing smile settles on your lips.  As I touch you intimately you flash back to wet evenings, the sweat running in rivulets from your head to your waist.  Droplets that fell to her breasts as you rested above her.  Come more deeply into me and I now have you in my full embrace.  Wrapped around your waist, your chest…there is no place on your body I’m not kissing, caressing.  You give yourself over to the sensations, allowing me to love you all over.  Come all the way into me and let me take your stress AWAY.

There is something so sensual about the beach...

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