Picture Me This – Developing Desire

“Okay, this is our last pose.  I want you to get on your knees…no, over here, on top of the fur.  Okay.  Now, sit back on your legs, that’s it.  Spread your feet apart so you’re resting your uh, bottom on the floor.  Okay, great.  Now, lean forward, using your hands to support yourself.  No, no, palms down but with your fingers together.  Perfect.  Now, arch your back a bit and look back at me over your left shoulder.  Beautiful.  Lips parted just the slightest bit.  Perfect, perfect.  Can you hold that?  You sure?  Okay.  Hold it, I’ve got to make just a few adjustments to the shirt and your hair.”

The black satin and lace of the panties stretched tightly across her full behind, giving a nice feminine contrast to the masculine cut of the shirt.  He arranged the shirt collar so it rested at the bottom of her shoulder blades, the bareness of her shoulders gave off the barest honey glow in the light of the studio lights.  He adjusted the hem of the shirt so it gathered at the arch in her back, accentuating the curve.  He smoothed her hair so it lay on her right shoulder, leaving her profile uncovered.  From the front, the tops of her full breasts was just visible through the open buttons.  Thomas found himself staring at the perfection of her cleavage.  He desired to run his tongue along the cleft.  He shook his head at his lapse in professional objectivity.

Looking through his lens at her in that pose brought him to an erection.  Something that hadn’t happened during a photo shoot since very early in his boudoir photo career.  He adjusted himself as best he could and began snapping pictures.

Thomas hadn’t felt such excitement physically and spiritually, in a long time.

The last picture he took – a stroke of luck, he caught what he knew would be THE picture.  She held an expression, a soft smile on her lips but a sadness and longing in her eyes, that he couldn’t have orchestrated.  He wondered what she was thinking but didn’t want to break the magic of the moment.  A flick of a switch and the camera took several shots back-to-back.

The light on her cheeks.  He had never wanted to reach out to touch one of his subjects more than he did right then.  He wanted to caress the softness of her cheek with his fingertips.  Trail his hand down her jaw, brush the side of her neck, then pull her into a kiss.  He wanted to sit in front of her as he did it, pull her on top of him as he lay back.  He’d kiss as much of her exposed skin as he could reach, all the while reveling in her sighs of pleasure.  The thought of it brought his erection back to throbbing attention.

“Ahem, yes…well, I think that’ll do it.  We got some very nice pictures I’m sure.  I’ll, uh…print up the um…proofs and then, ah, you can pick through them and decide which pictures you want in the, ur, package.”  He hoped his arousal wasn’t apparent.  He watched with guarded eyes and several pieces of camera equipment shielding him as she pulled the shirt back into a more natural position on her torso.  She walked quickly to the dressing area where she had left her clothes, talking with a measured tone of relief.

“That sounds great. Um…so, I’ll just come back here or, uh…”

“We can do that or, if you’re more comfortable, I can send you a link and you can view the pictures online.  Whichever is more, convenient.”  He slid the sim card from its slot in the camera.  He held it the way he would a precious stone.  He knew he wasn’t going to  spend a lot of time refining these pictures.  There was no need to hide cellulite, or do any wrinkle fades on her face.  About the most he would do is add a highlight here and there to bring out the sun-kissed glow of her skin.

She emerged from the dressing area once again clothed in her day-to-day.  No less beautiful than when she first walked in.

“Wow, it’s already three.  I didn’t realize how long this would take.  I’ve got to get going.”

“Yes, I apologize.  I don’t usually take so long but, well, I have to admit, you were a perfect subject.  You took to the poses as if you’ve modeled before.  No fussing, no arguing with me about your best sides and such.”

“Thank you.”  Her blushing laugh brought warmth back to his groin.

“No need to thank me.  Outside of my usual subjects , you know, trees, mountains and such, you have been the easiest, and well, most beautiful model I’ve had in quite a while.”

“Wow.  I don’t know what to say to that.”  The half-smile returned, heating him up even further.  He casually stepped behind Celia’s make-up table.

“No need to say anything.  It was my pleasure.”

“Yes, well.  I guess I should be going.  Will you call me when the pictures are ready for viewing?  I’d rather meet you here and look at them.  I trust your artistic eye, you can help me pick out the best ones.”

“I have a hunch all of these will come out fantastic.”  Thomas was still holding the sim card.

“I’ll have to see it to believe it.  But I’m sure I’ll need you to help me choose.  So, when should I expect to come back?”

“I’ll be done in a week, but let me check the date book.”

He walked to his desk, flipped open his appointment book.  Ugh, more glamour photos.  It appeared he wouldn’t be able to meet with Rita until the following Monday.

“Okay, then, Monday it is.  Three o’clock did you say?”

“Yes.  Three should be perfect.”  He wrote down the appointment with an almost childish sense of anticipation.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Me too.”  He tried not to sound as excited as he felt.  She offered him a quick good-bye wave and left the studio.

Thomas wanted so badly to go to work on the pictures immediately, but another glance at the appointment book and Celia’s return with her make-up bag brought him to his next appointment.

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