Thought of another horrible date…

Date Night Magazine is still accepting entries for its Worst Date Ever contest.  I hope you’ve taken the opportunity to comb through your memories and write something fun for your entry.

As I wrote before, I haven’t done that much dating (sigh) but I thought about some of the bizarre things that have happened to me when it came to what constitutes as “dating” in my world.  I told you about my first date (disaster), here’s another situation that I’m sure will give you a good chuckle.

So, there we were, one of my best friends and I were cruisin’.  We used to do that, just hop in the car and wonder loose.  We pull up to a traffic signal and lo and behold.  In the Cadillac next to us are two reasonably attractive men.  We flirt, we do a little racing, and finally pull over in a parking lot.  More flirting and we convince the guys to come with us to our favorite club.  One of the guys was without id, but we convinced them we’d be able to get him in.  Afterall, we were regulars at this one spot and knew the deejay.

So yeah, we get them into the club – drink, dance, flirt some more.  By the end of the evening,  I’m thinking I’ve found a boyfriend.  Uh yeah.  Well, fast forward a couple weeks – I’ve hung out with dude since the club night, I’ve made out with him once or twice as well.  I’m feeling pretty good about this one.  That is, until my BFF, who worked at the local high school (yeah, you know where I’m going with this right?) calls me.

She tells me it’s urgent I meet her just before school lets out.  I show up to her classroom and she quietly informs me that my soon to be boyfriend was in reality, a junior in high school.  As in, a 16-year-old junior in high school.  Needless to say, I was “go to jail for child molestation” years older than dude.  I was in shock.

I went further into shock when we ran into him in the hallway on our way out.  He stuttered and then pulled the lie of the century out of his butt – he tells me he’s actually an undercover narc (as in 21 Jumpstreet – look it up, it was a television show in the late 80’s starring Johnny Depp!).

You can laugh.  It’s FUNNY….especially since I can’t go to jail anymore.

So, if you can top that, write those entries and try for your chance at some fabulous prizes!


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