It’s not always about you…

Writing / photography / painting…whatever your creative outlet of choice, it’s not always about you.  You hide your passions for whatever reasons; shyness, fear of rejection, lack of confidence…whatever.  Bottom line is you hide your talent.

Sometimes, and I think this is true more times than not, it’s not always about you and your fear.  It is more about how someone else will benefit from what you’ve produced.  I’m not saying you have some major, moral obligation to publish, or have your art work hanging in a gallery.  What I am saying, is if you shift from listening to the voice of fear, to the belief that someone might benefit from what you do, you might feel a little less anxious about sharing your works of art (and yes, writing, regardless of the subject, is a work of art to me.)

So, my closet authors (designers, painters, photographers, etc) – keep in mind, there’s someone out there who quite possibly, will be inspired, intrigued, prompted to step into their own light simply because you had the courage to do so yourself!

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