Yes my friends, it’s the second printing.

I will finally have the first book  I ever published, back in print.  I can remember the day I got the call that it was ready to pick up from the printer.  The only other feeling of joy that came close was when I held my newborn daughter in my arms for the very first time.

Anyway, I was so flippin’ excited about getting the book into print that I hadn’t bothered to look at the proof.   I sold 50 copies of a book with typos and sub-standard sentence structure, lol.   I have some really nice, supportive friends and hopefully some understanding strangers.

I’ve since cleaned it up and am finally ready to do another 50.  Satin Sheet Memoirs, Volume 1, 2nd Printing.  Sounds good huh?  It’s going to be joined by its younger sibling, the novella, Let There Be Life! Originally titled, “And Unto Me a New Life is Born.”  It was the first manuscript I ever completed.  I can’t wait to get the people’s reaction to it.  It’s funny, moving, has a little bit of hot steamy sex and of course, true love conquers all.  Sort of.   And that’s all I’m saying – you’ll have to buy your copy like every one else.

But anyway, to peak your interest, here’s an excerpt from Satin Sheet Memoirs, Volume 1.  It’s called,  His Fantasy.  I wrote it for a reading I was doing at (of all things) a bachelor party.  Remind me to tell you that story one day.  Anyway, for your reading pleasure:  His Fantasy.

His Fantasy

Look at you
So strong, so handsome
So distinguished
Powerful waves of controlled sexual fury
And I want nothing more than to be at your mercy.

Look at me
The intensity of your gaze
Hardens my nipples, parts my legs
I’m wet and ready
What do you want me to do?

Would you have me fall to my knees before you?
Filling my mouth with your pleasure
Until my tongue overflows with ecstasy.

Or would you bend me at the waist?
A steadying hand on my back to keep me
From falling away at the strength in your thrust.

Or.  Would tradition be your guide?
And I find myself on my back
Legs held high, struggling to catch my breath
As you reach the very depth of me

I see the thoughts forming in your eyes
I am yours
And I await your command
Ready to become whatever you fantasize.

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